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“AWE began as research collaboration between artists and scientists to develop a more natural human-computer interface. So creativity and innovation is at heart of our culture. It’s our secret sauce.”

Laura Thomas, Software Engineer

About Us

We're a team of designers, engineers, scientists and executives who share a common belief: that by integrating the digital and the physical worlds, augmented reality has the capacity to solve significant human problems. We pose big challenges to ourselves; we take a human-centred, design thinking approach; we invest in on-going R&D. Sometimes this leads to patents. But mostly it results in an ever-growing set of frameworks and solutions that will save you, as our client, both time and money.

Our Values





Will to Succeed






Deliver what we promise.

Do the best we can, then do better.

Take the time to play, it’s how we learn.

Pick our battles, fight to win.

Build on our strengths and recognize our weaknesses.

Communicate with candor and allow the response to change us.

Listen actively to consistently deliver value.

Appreciate and respect all those who help us on our journey.

Welcome the world and all its diversity.

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Our Founders

Srinivas Krishna

Founder & CEO

When Srinivas founded AWE in 2012, he brought a powerful vision backed by 20 years of experience as a filmmaker and media artist. A patented inventor, he created new user experience designs for camera based applications while implementing the R&D and technology development programs that drive innovation and product development at AWE. As CEO, he leads development of the company culture and all aspects of its operations and continued growth.

Dan Mills


A patented inventor with 20 years of experience in optics, measurements and photogrammetry, software and hardware, Dan brings the engineering leadership that drives AWE's state of the art products and services. Prior to joining AWE, Dan was co-founder and co-inventor of the Bublcam, the world's first consumer spherical camera. A specialist in various optical and imaging technologies, he is often called upon to provide expert testimony in Canadian and US courts based on his forensic imaging analysis of crime scenes.

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